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Originally Posted by fishingfor5
Sarah- I wish there was a magic phrase to ease fear I would chant it for you. Keep your thoughts focused on baby's well being and keep checking movement. Your odds are SO GREAT!!! We always focus on that bad percentage since we love them so fiercely. You will have a beautiful little one in no time and then you can least for a minute!!

Elena - how very exciting. There is still time momma. It's gonna be great!

Almacham - hoping things are all well. How far along are you?

Was hoping to see me some baby announcements!! No rush though!!

AFM - well what a difference a couple days makes. That peace I had was shattered yesterday as I woke up to more spotting and more stuff on tp. DH had me rest all day but the stress got the best of me and I lost it. I just want some peace in this. That is what I miss the most is the peace before M/C and the confidence that my body will do exactly what He designed it for. So here I am still spotting and it is starting to have more rust-red to it. I actually saw a small bit of tissue the last bathroom trip. Called doc and the nurse was sweet but basically said put your feet up and pray. There isn't anything they can do I know that. I just feel really alone in the desire to keep my baby. My regular doc wil be in tomorrow and I may call just to see if she will at least do betas. I am feeling some dull pelvic pain/ AF type cramping and it scares the heck out of me.

Does anyone have positive spotting/cramping stories to share and give me hope? UGH. Please Lord consider letting us keep this one.
With DS2, I spotted from 4-11 weeks and was sure I would lose him. They never figured out why, but I didn't lose him til 23w and it had NOTHING to do with all that terrifying early bleeding (I have incompetent cervix due to previous cervical cancer). So, rest assured that it IS possible to have a healthy baby even with red spotting.

I know the end of my story is sad, but (like I said), it was NOT related to my early bleeding, so take hope!!!

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