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I adopted a Pekingese once. A local dog kennel found her and offered her to me, since I'd taken in another stray not long before. (I worked at a radio station at the time) She was infested with fleas when they found her and they'd had to partially shave her hair off. I took her to the vet, found out she was allergic to fleas, and got her medical needs handled. She was a sweetheart. I named her Marilyn.

Maybe a month later, a strange woman calls my cell phone saying she got my number from the radio station and that I had her dog. She claimed to have been out of town and the dog was at her brother's. It got out and her brother didn't tell her. She claimed to have called the local shelter every day and put up signs, yada yada yada. I called the kennel owner and she said she had personally run ads in the paper and that her close friend worked at the shelter and knew she had the dog and no one ever called for a Pekingese. She told mer that I legally owned the dog, she was licensed to me, and I had zero obligation to return the dog.

Being a softy, I let the woman come to my house to say goodbye to Marilyn. Marilyn got super happy at the sight of the woman and jumped right into her arms. The woman was crying, she was so relieved that the dog was healthy.

I gave her the dog back. Not because I wanted to or because there was any obligation to. I gave Marilyn back because she was so happy to see her owner and it was obvious where she belonged. Looking back, my bet is that the woman had been in county jail and her brother dumped the dog. By the time she got out and tracked Marilyn back to me, over a month had gone by. She gave me $20 toward the vet bill because that's all she had and I was ok with that.

I live in California, in an area where half the dogs in the shelters are Chihuahuas, and it wouldn't shock me if it were our area they were referring to as an armpit.
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