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Re: School for an 18 month old?

Originally Posted by UVASahm View Post
So a few ladies in my moms group are enrolling their Los in school this fall. Sme of them are as little as 17 months! My son will be 18 months in September but I think that is crazy young for school! It's every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-1pm. That's so long!! I just can't imagine him sitting still for that long. I also know its more than daycare. They actually do learning stuff with them for most of those 4 hours.

My question is, isn't this too young to start formal school?
It sounds like a preschool type program, but at that age it has got to be mostly free play, which is learning. It's probably fun for the kids, and good for the moms to have a break if they want one. Also, I am SURE they do not attempt for them to sit still for 4 hours, or even more than 4 minutes! Even in actual preschool for 3-4 year olds, kids do not sit still for very long.
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