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Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings View Post

Ive had 3 34 weekers and they do quite well. Only a few more weeks, hang in there! 36 would be amazing! My 34 weekers had feeding issues for about 4 weeks but they weren't bad, just takes them a while to learn "suck/swallow/breathe" in a smooth flowing motion. I went on to breastfeed all 3. If you have any specific Qs Id be happy to help.

Kristen - Helpmeet to an amazing DH. Mama to seven blessings (and #8 on the way!)
I may very well take you up on the offer! I have been pretty anxious about everything but I tend to find one thing to obsess over and focus my anxiety on. This week its definitely breastfeeding!

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
Kristen - Welcome! Sorry about all your PTL! I hope you are able to get closer to term this time! Are you out of the hospital yet?

Good luck and welcome!

AFM - I had a non-OB ultrasound today (for my oncologist) and it was uneventful. So I think I will not be hearing from her till April! My son (inside me) was dancing around a bit but that just was reassuring! DS (outside) was well behaved too. Next appointment is OB on Tuesday (a week from tomorrow).
Glad the US went well and that you got a peek at the baby, too!

Originally Posted by asteiner18 View Post
I am, although nothing like you guys

I had pre-e with my first and preterm labor. My pre-e was pretty bad but nothing like my aunt, she went into cardiac arrest from hers and ended up in a coma for 3 months.
My second I had preterm labor starting at around 30 weeks, full blown at 34 although they stopped it. Both pregnancies I delivered at 37 weeks exactly.
This time I have a even more sensitive cervix than last time ( I was on bedrest with both girls for months, in the hospital with #2 from bleeding).
I am 10 weeks and I have been bleeding daily since 5 weeks. I am on modified bedrest for now, and pelvic rest since 5 weeks. I will be put on full on bedrest by about 20 weeks my doctor said if things do not change. I am mostly concerned because I am a photographer and I have a wedding this weekend. 6 hours of work I can't get out of it but I did get a second shooter thank goodness. I told my doctor and he okay'd it just said to sit as often as possible. Prayers that Saturday goes well please!
How did Saturday go for you?

Originally Posted by AwesomeJen View Post
I'm high risk because of IC. My docs are placing my cerclage on Thursday at 14 weeks. Hoping all goes well. My last cerclage was the most difficult they have ever done because of my anatomy. Its scary, but necessary for me to make out to term.
Good luck on Thursday.

My DH just got back from a deployment (I am living with my mom until baby is born). He has to go back to our home station in two weeks but its been so nice to have him here all day! And i dont feel nearly as guilty asking him to do things for me as I do my mom.
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