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Re: Anyone with a child with an immunodeficiency disorder?

My DS has Natural Killer Cell deficiency (functional deficiency). Now that we know what is going on and have taken steps to protect him for the most part his illnesses are under control. He still gets sick more often and stays sick for longer periods of time but it has been manageable. His deficiency has impacted his medical treatment significantly. The ER fast tracks him and his doctors tend to discharge him quicker then they would another patient because he has a history of picking up secondary infections. We also vaccinate according to his immunologist's recommendations and have confirmed with titers he can build an immune response. We lucked out and have one of the top pediatric immunologist's in our area on his case; She has helped him tremendously. There aren't any treatments for my son's deficiency so we manage by avoiding exposure, getting vaccinated and avoiding medical environments when we can.
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