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Originally Posted by MarchMama2010
I think maybe we'll try time outs. I haven't yet because I feel bad, I don't think he really understands why he can't say certain things. On the other hand, today when we were checking at the grocery store he told the clerk "You are being an ahh-hole" - it was mortifying. (Many thanks to the old lady in the fabric store who introduced that charming phrase into his vocabulary).
Oh my 2 1/2 yr old loves that word . My dh has a mouth on him and will also have stuff on the tv that the little shouldn't hear. So, in addition to washing dh's mouth out with soap (jk), I am working with ds. It's hard at this age bc if you overreact he will amp it up, and he doesn't fully understand. I have taken to calmly isolating him for a min (taking him to the stairs- he can still see everyone- and telling him he has to sit there if he is going to talk like that). Sometimes successful, sometimes not.
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