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Re: Appropriate consequence

Oh, I SO feel your pain! My baby is 4 months and my olders (the ones doing the waking and such) are almost 3. My baby sleeps in a room they cannot get into. I have him in his crib (which is in our room) and use a monitor. I don't close the door (which would be pointless since they can open it), but I use a door monkey on it. It's this thing you can get from Amazon that allows you to close the door but leaves a crack in it. The little kids can't open it or close it. It is stuck, but it is VERY easy for anyone else to open. It does on any door and moves around from door to door with no installation required. (It just clips on the door.) This way, my kids can't get in and wake the baby, but the door isn't closed either. I'll link it....

ETA - A note about the door monkey in case you get almost 3 year olds have no problem opening it. I have to put it up very high on the door so they cannot reach, even with a chair or bucket or toy or pile of books or etc....You get my point.

As for a consequence, I often have mine do time out next to me. So, what I would do is require them to sit next to me while I nurse or do whatever for a period of time. If it continues day after day, I would require them to sit next to me during the following nap time. They cannot be trusted to not wake baby, so they must stay next to me where I can monitor their actions closely. This is what I do with mine when they won't leave my baby alone. My twins like to bug him while he is hanging out in his exersaucer or bouncy or whatever. They also wake him up, but now I put him in my room to sleep.

I'm really sorry he is doing it because I know how frustrating it is. We deal with it times 2 (plus a 7 year old and twin 5 year olds who are generally good, but still kids )

Hope he stops soon!
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