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Re: Appropriate consequence

Wake him up?

DD will be 3 in a couple weeks. We can't take just anything away from her--it has to be something that she values enough that the removal has an impact, but not so valuable to her that she has nothing left to lose, KWIM? We've done time-outs (we do occasionally when I'm so angry w/ her behavior that I need to get it together) & spanking, but neither has much of an impact on her behavior. Neither does talking it out. She does respond to removing belongings or privileges, as long as it's done thoughtfully. She also does better when she's busy enough that she can't misbehave (i.e. she can wreck the living room while I'm in the kitchen doing dishes, but she loves to "help" with dinner, so I put her on a stool & let her stir something) & responds really well to rewards & reward charts...she can earn anything from new clothes or hair ties to toys to treats to special time w/ Mama/Mommy. It just has to be something she wants, KWIM? GL!
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