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Re: shoes for preschool age

The bare feet movement has turned conventional thinking about shoes around it's head. As a kid, we were told shoes w arch support, extra cushioning, etc. Now it's less is better, as close to barefoot as possible. My own experience is that after 6 months of wearing extra flexible kigos, I don't want to go back to my former shoes.

For small kids, remember it should be flexible relative to their feet. When they wiggle their toes, does the shoes flex to their movement? We might be able to bend the shoes in two with out hands but can they when they wear it?

My son has been in leather booties such as shoeszoo, ministar (target), robeez. I occasionally put him in flexible structured shoes such as Skidders, or any brand water shoes. He always prefers the leather booties and sometimes will take off the other shoes and ask for the booties. Except for under wet conditions, the leather booties gives him the best grip and feel. He can climb very well in them, and never trips. The problem with them is wet and sand conditions. When wet they have poor traction and will get his feet wet. Sand gets into the booties; I have sand in my vehicle, front door and washer/dryer even when I take pains to empty his shoes before getting home! This is a problem w most other shoes except Skidders. So now those are my go to playground shoes.

I recognize that as kids get older they will need something more than the leather booties such as offered by soft star and other barefoot shoe companies. The problem is always how pricey those are.

I still love the leather booties and will continue to use them as long as we can get sizes. They are great indoor shoes; I rotate 2 pairs for daycare. I launder them once a week w regular laundry (not the hot cycle) and the cow leather holds up well to this abuse.

A few favorite photos of him and his shoes!

More photos here:
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