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Re: I've had to say some strange things as a parent, but

Stop playing in the trash can.

Once it is in the trash you cannot eat it.

Do not stick your boogers in my mouth!!

Do not play in your poop!!(during diaper changes)

Those are for my 20 month old.

Do not climb on the roof. Get out of that tree!!(to my then 3 year old. He was 20 feet up give or take a few.)

We do not pee off the side of the porch.

Don't throw your shoes out the car window.

Don't open the door when we are driving!!

These were for my older son.

Do not eat the dog food.

No you are not a dog. You cannot pee on that tree.

Leave your (imaginary) dog in the car.

If you don't stop that I will take your (imaginary) dog away for the day.

Don't lick me.

These were for my daughter.

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