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Re: What do you NOT like about wool?

Originally Posted by supermomof2 View Post
Agh! I hate this one! ^ We're using wool with flats, though, so I would guess maybe it happens more frequently for us than it would for those who use fitteds. I do really love using wool, though.
I use flats with wool too. I can fold wool better than I can a pf so poop gets on the covers less than it would with pfs but it still happens occasionally. My very favorite fold is a kite fold fastened side snapping diaper style with boingos. She was wearing that yesterday under wool, had a poosplosion all over her beautiful NEW freshly lanolized cover and not a speck got on the wool. It was amazing.

Good tips everyone on the washing machine spin. I am always scared to do that for fear of felting or shrinking. My washer spins so fast. But its only hot water that felts right?
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