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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
Actually LEGALLY OP is the owner and she has every right to make whatever medical decisions she wants because it is HER DOG. And frankly I think she should be the animal queen of the world! She takes dogs no one else wants and doesn't care about and makes them better and finds loving homes for them. I think the title of your highness is well earned in this case.
Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
Just an FYI around here many pounds /shelters won't release an animal back to it's owner until it has been spayed or nurtured and a current rabies vaccine . So it isn't just the queen you have to worry about, if your animal gets out to are subject to whatever rules whoever finds them has.
Originally Posted by Mom23kids View Post
She runs a rescue and rescued this dog from euthanization. I think pretty much all rescues require sterilization before placing them, except possibly a breed specific one. IDK. I feel the op is doing the responsible and reasonable thing and I personally don't view it as anything other than an adoption at this point. The owner is lucky the dog is even alive and this lady is willing to return her at all, IMO. All cats I've ever gotten from a rescue have been fully vetted and sterilized, I don't think this case is any different. The owner's story sounds bogus to me, really, and waiting 10 days to have anyone look for the dog seems fishy.
Yup yup yup!!

We had someone at the shelter I worked at come almost a MONTH after losing her dog (who was in foster care for an injury) and volunteer recognized the dog from picture. The shelter didn't HAVE to give it back, but they did return the dog to her. She took one look at the dog, lifted her tail to look at her lady parts and said "Oh, she's fixed?!?" and was very upset because she was a "$50,000" breeding dog . . . needless to say this was a bully breed dog that was found as an injured stray in Phoenix. She took the dog back, but it was just sad because she seemed to care much more about breeding than anything else.

Sorry for the derail, but if you lose your unaltered animal and a rescue or shelter takes possession of the dog after the time period allowed by law they have every right to alter it. Spend a day "in the back" at an open admissions or "kill" shelter as they are called and then tell me whether this or any other dog should be spayed/neutered.
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