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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

Originally Posted by diapermommy View Post
I'm all for spaying and all. my kitten has apt next tuesday. but I'd be D#$$# is someone told me I couldnt' have MY!!!!!! animal, they would be making a medical decision and I would have to pay them back. I'm sorry but that is straight BS!!!!! Period! You're not the animal queen of the world, you have no right to make a decision or judgement regarding this dogs health or the owners care for said dog.
Technically the dog would be dead right now if not for the OP. Just in case you missed it, she actually rescues dogs knocking on deaths door. If it had not been for the OP, there would be no dog to return to first owner.

She actually is well within reason to require this animal be spayed. If the owner had found her pet on day 1 at the shelter, she would have been required to have her spayed there too. That is pretty standard for any shelter/rescue group.
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