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Re: So I wonder why CB didn't.....

Yeah I'm surprised by it too. The die-hard BGE lovers are very loyal.

Some people made out like bandits at the dollar diaper sale this weekend. Grabbing dozens for $1 each and many of them are useable as-is or need minor repairs. I'm kicking myself for not going!

Whenever I go to the store in person I see a lot of cloth newbies that really aren't quite sure what they want. I think for this market they might be very popular and appealing. Rarely do I see DS-type mamas in the store that know their stuff. So maybe the change had to do with making a product that is easily marketed to newbies and less about pleasing the people that liked it the way it is? Maybe CB recognizes their leadership in the cloth community and feel obligated to improve and innovate (even when a design is good).

And I agree, the resale value is going to skyrocket. They could have done things so much differently and maximized their profits when the rest of their inventory. The clerk I spoke to said they had just heard about the change a day or two before the big reveal.
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