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Re: NWT Sbish L longies (1 otter) and Babee Greens M, L jersey wool (shorties)

on a big boy! about 27 lbs and 35 inches tall. his thighs are about 12.5 inches. too big for medium- only on long enough to snap a single pic (only a remote towards the back of the couch kept him still enough ). with a fresh brown WH with doublers in it (he really needs greens now). he has a very high rise- wears sbish XL obf- L is too small.

Medium- SOLD (supposed to go to 25 lbs according to babee greens)

coordinates with this purewool colorway.

Large: (SOLD)

Babee Greens M, L jersey wool (shorties)

babee greens calls them shorties- I think they're a cross between shorties and soaker/cover. Really nice and thin. Alone or under clothes.

white tile (ok, with dirt from cleaning up the yard, too) bright yellow towel, munchkin brand snack container, zoli bot top, and what I would call chartreuse megablock in between the 2 babee greens.

Babee Greens now for sale. Lanolized, never worn (either of them) (UPDATE 3/3-- I put them on him for the pictures above). 25ppd. each. Both are chartreuse. I bought them directly from babee greens. I do not think these are upcycled- something not offered currently on their website.

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thanks DH
Will almost always trade for yarn (vanilla. peppermint.)

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