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Re: What do you NOT like about wool?

Originally Posted by leighsie View Post
Cost and time. Even though it doesn't need to be washed/lanolized that frequently, I can barely get around to folding the laundry that we wear daily. So, it doesn't justify the cost for something that I won't care for...

(Yes, we are "clean laundry basket pickers" - I fold what I can, when I can, and the basket sits out for misc searching.)
Yep!!! This is me, too. There is currently laundry on my couch & some in a basket in the living room... just waiting to be folded.

I think the cost & my aversion to laundry are the biggest reasons I wouldn't do wool. However, I knew this thread would probably not discourage me all that much from getting wool because so many mamas on DS love it so much!! It seems like it's worth the minor annoyances.

But then I think... for the price of 1 bit of wool, I could have enough dappi nylon pants in each size to last me until the kid is potty trained (and maybe last for some future kids, too)! Dappis can be dyed... That's like, sorta cute, right? Like, 1/100th of the cuteness of wool. Lol...

Where are the wool haters when I need them?

If I hadn't already bought some pockets & Flips (when I decided to CD, but didn't know which system to get), I wouldn't hesitate so much to get wool... but I've already spent some $ and I would like to see how my current stash works before investing more $ in CDs.

But thanks to DS, I can always sell off what I don't like & then I will have "free money" sitting in PayPal! Lol... you people are a terrible influence.
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