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Stroller help

When DS was born we had a Graco travel system.. the car seat with matching stroller, etc. I hated the car seat and becasue he was a huge baby, he grew out of it faster than I would have liked. Plus, my opinon of the stroller was just "eh" ... in the past year we have bought a City Mini stroller which i LOVE and there is an attachment you can get for it to attach an infant seat. So that's what I plan to do.

Next, I want a new infant carrier. Part of me feels frivilous seeing as they are in it such a short amount of time, but I think I want the Britax B-Safe carrier since it has a higher weight capacity and its a deeper seat and can accomodate a larger child.

Here is my question... we are TTC right now.. and if all goes well, DS will be 3 when we have a NB and he is tall for his age. I have the single stroller for when I will need it, but should I also have a double? I was thinking of getting a sit and stand one but I worry that out in public he might bolt if he isnt strapped in. I dont know if with him being 3 by then if spending the money on a double is worth it?

I need help and opinions, past experience? Are the sit and stand ones a PITA to steer or should I get a side by side?

I am planning to sell my travel system and use that money to go toward some of the new stuff I want.
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