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Re: School for an 18 month old?

Originally Posted by UVASahm View Post
These are all great answers! I am going to check out the "school" on Monday. My husband thinks its a good idea because of the new baby coming. I didn't even think about that! Also jack is super alert and loves to learn new things so I think he will really like it. It's only twice a week ad he,ll be with kids he knows so it should be good. Hope we like it! Ill let you know on Monday!
I started saying home after my second...prior to that my oldest was in daycare full time. He wasn't quite 2 and he's always been a social butterfly. We kept him in "school" 3 days a week from 9-2 when I was caring for our newborn. I guess we called it school because it wasn't really daycare and they did do a little teaching. I think it was great for him! He was able to get a lot more interactive play and attention than I could have given while nursing on demand. I was refreshed to tackle the other days without being snappy towards him. We cut down from 3 to 1 day a week for financial reasons and then back up to 2 days a week when he was in the 3's and 4's class. I ended up pulling him out of preschool about half way through his pre-k year so I guess we did everything a little backwards Even though we always planned to homeschool I think having him in that setting at a young age was very beneficial for the whole family.

Wanted to add that I took A LOT of naps when the newborn was napping that first year thanks to the "school." I never had good sleepers as infants and it was awesome to catch a few cat naps during the week.

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