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Re: I hate my crock pot.

I come from a family with multiple professional gourmet chefs and I'm fairly picky about food quality. We actually use our crockpot 3-5x per week usually and everything turns out wonderful. I have never had any problems with things tasting off in it at all, maybe it is the brand of slowcooker? We make soups, stews, curries, lasagna, shredded BBQ chicken, taco chicken, roasts, etc. Plus I use it for making big batches of yogurt or broth. I don't think I could handle cooking so much from scratch for a big family if I didn't resort to the crockpot

Are you making those typical "cream of" whatever soup crockpot meals? Those are definitely yucky. Look for some simple whole foods soups or stews. If you are cooking boneless skinless chicken, ALWAYS cook it from frozen it ends up with much better texture! Only cook on low and don't over cook.
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