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Re: Washing routine-What's wrong with mine?

Originally Posted by mammacandoit View Post
I've just noticed that if I don't soak, then they really stink. what do you think the bleach would do to the diapers? Besides....1/4 cup vs 1 tbs is a big difference. I wonder about the soap. I looked and it's ECOS FREE AND CLEAR.
I could be wrong, so someone please correct me if I am, but I think the bleach will break down the elastic and cotton more quickly if you soak in it fo too long. I have never used that detergent, but I have hard water and have yet to find an eco friendly one that will get our diapers clean. We stick with tide or gain for the most part. I could probably bleach less often really (I missed several loads a while back and they still smelled fine with just gain) but I am afraid to ruin a good thing. I think cottonbabies recommends 1/4 cup bleach monthly as well, I know I got the idea from a manufacturer.

I don't soak anything not stained because all I can think about is the diapers marinating in filthy water overnight, so they get exposed to more stink. This is my made up rational btw that comes from way overthinking everything.

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