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$220 on my newborn stash, prefolds and covers, some boosters, snappies and 8 expensive covers. And 2 pail liners which ill have throughout his diapering years. The xs prefolds will be used as boosters later on. Ill need more sized pf's and OS covers but I'm hearing such raves I think I'll get Diaper Safari covers for the OS and save some money there. I bought 5 LilHelper AI2's and a couple extra liners for $130. So currently at $350. I'm figuring that I'll spend another $80 on pf's as DS grows and 6-8 Diaper Safari covers (keeping my fingers crossed they'll do B1G1 again before I need them!). A couple wetbags and another 5 "easy diapers". I made my cloth wipes which cost me about $7 total for 30 and I need to pick up some micro fleece or suede cloth for stay dry liners. Hopefully my total expenditures for CD's will stay under $650.
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