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Re: Blech. I need some advice regarding appropriate consequences

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
I, kind of think that it's a rite of passage to fight with siblings. I can see how it can go too far though.

I think i'd go all "Parent trap" on them, and force them to do everysinglething together for a few days. I'd give them tedious jobs that need to be done together, i'd make them sit at their own table for meals, etc. I probably wouldn't let up until I saw some teamwork.
Yup. Mine are much younger than yours but also close, 15 months apart, and they duke it out. I think it's important for them to be able to work things out in their own way amongst themselves, and they can't do that if I'm interfering every arguement.
My H dislikes it, but frankly he's an only child and doesn't get the bonding that comes with the bantering and mock-fights.
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