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Re: How much have you spent and saved?

After buying and selling and buying and selling it's hard to say exactly how much I've spent...but I would estimate that once I'm done stashing in the next couple months (haha) it will be about $1K? I know I've left money on the table with all the buying and selling, but a thousand bucks to diaper two kids to potty training and save for the next kid ain't half bad! I wish I would have had more direction in the beginning, I had no idea what I wanted and I was so overwhelmed by the options. Turns out cotton and covers is what I like best! None of those AIOs or pockets or "systems" or whatever. If I had just started with the stash I have now I could have totally splurged on everything I wanted and still only spent $5-600 for a NB stash AND a OS stash. Oh well. Live and learn!
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