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Originally Posted by ReadingRenee

For me if I get a day pack of flip organic daytime flats for 60, then my covers were about 10 and the flats were each 5. A great deal! So each individual combination is about 15. To get the AIO its 25 which is 10 dollars more. It's just too much for me. Plus I can reuse my covers which is cheaper. Im just a cheapie. If I could afford it I would love to get a whole bunch.

ETA: In reading the other thread I realized you were talking about the cotton yardage of an old Elemental versus a new Elemental. Oops. I thought you were talking about the price point of a Flip daytime insert in a flip versus the Elemental. Sorry about that.
Right, but Flip has always been more economical than Elemental, right?
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