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Originally Posted by JennTheMomma
I'll probably sound horrible, but I don't think a 2 week old baby, regardless of how it's fed, should be spending over nights away from mom (unless mom of course cannot take care of baby). There is no way I could have my 2 weeker away from me for even an over night. My hormones would be going crazy and that's not good for mom still doing postpartum recovery. I do agree that father's have rights and should be able to spend quality alone time with their baby regardless of age, but that doesn't have to be over night away from the mother.
Yup, I agree. Also in my state (MA) dads don't have overnights until baby is over 1 regardless of feeding. my friend fought for his formula fed baby but was not granted overnights. I think babies do need their moms more naturally.

I also think there must be some confusion and suffering for adopted at birth babies and moms. I know everyone gets over it but mom still has hormones surging and baby has to be confused where its natural mother is by smells etc.
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