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Originally Posted by luvsviola

My son was in foster care by this point, and being schlepped all over the place. Children know what they are used to. They are way way way more adaptable than people give them credit for. If kiddo is used to 3 days on 4 days off, he doesn't know any different and will adapt just fine. If you are bottle feeding, there is absolutely no reason to withhold dad's parenting privileges. I would prefer to see dad have 6 hours each evening where mom leaves and dad cares for baby in the same house, instead of that long, just so kiddo sleeps in the same bed every night. But most parents aren't agreeable to that.
2 weeks old is just to young IMO. There is more to a mother newborn relationship than just her boobs. My newborns would have nothing to do with anyone, including dad/DH at 2 weeks of age, and ds1 was bottlefed. I don't think it's healthy to make a newborn go through that. Older kids, sure they might adjust better, but a 2 week old who is still learning who mom /dad is, still learning to regulate their temperature and so on? No I don't think so. A newborn needs better stability than that and there is no reason why a dad can't spend a few hours a day with baby instead of an overnight at that young age. They are barely out of the womb.
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