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Re: Meal Planning

I try to think of a type of cuisine for the main meal that I make on Sunday or Monday and then do another type every other day with simple in-between. Example:

M: Lentil Tacos
T: Smoothies & Toast
W: Pasta & Veggies
TH: Hummus w/ Pita & Veggies
F: Big Green Salad w/ grilled potatoes & onions

We eat leftovers for lunch which is great to not have to think about lunch ideas too.

I also use the calendar on my computer to make an "event" that is recurring and then I make some thing recur every month or every other week if we eat it a lot. I try to keep Sunday simple with either waffles & fruit or smoothies & toast or breakfast burritos. I think it's great to throw breakfast as dinner into the mix because those meals are usually easy to make.
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