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Re: What do you do while breastfeeding???

Originally Posted by finleyjudemommy View Post
Just wondering how you all are mobile and nurse??
I'm not super mobile. When my babies are around 6 months old till around 8 or 9, I can nurse them while I'm wearing them in my Ergo. It is short lived because of my size and sensitivity. But, I've done it shopping and at fairs and such. I don't do it at home. It isn't very comfortable for me. So, unless I really need to nurse on the go, I don't.

Originally Posted by Steph Ed View Post
That is REALLY unfortunate, LOL!
I know! I fall of the internet planet when I have young babies because I can't type.

My problem is my large breasts. When I'm not holding it, it usually falls out of the babies mouth. Also, I have very sensitive and always sore nipples. So, the latch has to be perfect each time or I end up really sore and in pain, I'm on my 6th baby including 2 sets of twins. It isn't like I'm inexperienced. I just don't have the skills that others do. I'm kind of okay with that because I get to rest and I can use that to my advantage sometimes. (Of course, it is annoying too.)
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