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Re: Boys, girls and womans things

Originally Posted by cebjd8209 View Post
I'd be interested in the women's clothes and "newborn cloak" (assuming it would fit a thin 10 month old). Shipping would be to 17011. I'm new here, so I don't really know what I'm doing yet as far as how these processes work, and any explanation would be helpful.
Do you want the maternity and non-maternity woman's stuff or just the two shorts, the pants and the non-maternity pants?
I am sure the cloak would easily fit a 10 month old.

The short answer for how this works is if you had 6 or more post count then we could person message most of the info back and forth. Since you don't have that yet I will let you know the price of shipping for the things you want. You say if you still want all of it and then I will give you my paypal address and you pay as goods. Then I ship and we each give each other feedback after the transaction is over.

I think the best way to ship that much clothes would be a Medium flat rate box which with fees comes out right around $13.50 (I will cover the few pennies of difference). Let me know if you still want it and I will post where to send the money.
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