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Re: Stroller help

I intended to get a side by side.. but.. seems like most of them are jogging strollers and there are cons to those - one of which is the foot space on the little triangle in the front that kids reportedly fight over. Another is the type of wheels. I'm all for nice wheels when I'm actually using the stroller to run, but just as a walking stroller, I don't want to purchase $60 worth of replacement tubes (which would be a must for the area I live in).

So, I'm looking into a normal 2 kid stroller with arena type seating so that both kids have a view. I don't want a sit and stand. You can actually strap your kids into the standing area for most of those, BTW.. so they're completely reasonable. But I just don't like the sit and stands.

DD will be about 3 when I finally buy this stroller - new baby will be around 6months or so, I'm guessing. So, I don't want or need the carseat part - I intend to just wear the baby and push a single stroller for awhile.

The only reason I think I'll want/need a double stroller is because I have a friend and her kid would always want to ride his bike to the park, but then ride in the stroller back home. So, it was nice to be able to accomodate that. She just put his little bike on the handlebars and he got to sit there (was technically a sit and stand, so he could stand or sit). Ideally, DD would always just want to ride her bike or whatever.. but I have seen firsthand that that's not likely.
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