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Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
No real contractions just yet - another couple weeks and we're good to go! Well, some of us anyways.

I've had a few BH contractions, especially yesterday, that were painful in my hips/back... which kinda worried me a bit. But they didn't continue, so (I always feel BH all in my front, and my real contractions in my back).
NO, Hiccup. Not early!
No, no, not early!!!

My bx are so intense that sometimes the tightnesd makes me bend over. Nit painful at all, but def uncomfortable. And it happens all the time. Sweeping and mopping has become very exhausting and uncomfortable bc of them!!

So the pool party was a rec center party. No pool bc the family center didnt even have the party on the books so no lifeguard:/ but ds had fun anyway. He was the only boy and tge girls kept screaming........i doubt we go next year as she'll be turning 9 and he will be 6........he prob will not have fun at all. So sad.......he has two best fwends, bwake and dabi-dabwa (gabriella) poor kid.

Dh and i havent dtd in over a week, is it me and my huge belly? Our relationship is already in a weird place, but not dtd puts an extra strain, i think. Ugh.

Hope everyone has a great saturday!#
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