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Know anything about MRSA?

Long story short,I switched providers and hospitals from 12-24 weeks,give or take a couple..and then switched back to my original(where I had ds).The one I switched to said they saw something in my chart about MRSA and that they had started testing routinely a couple of months ago. Well,they did a nasal swab and I came back positive as a carrier.They had talked about me putting an ointment up my nose closer to delivery and possible isolation. I switched back to my original provider(not because of the MRSA thing)and she wasn't concerned..said she doesn't remember seeing that in my chart(which was from them originally),if I didn't have an active infection,she didn't see why there would be an issue,they give antibiotics before csection anyway..and that she would talk to infectious disease and see what they say.I was worried that if I had to be isolated and ds had to stay in nursery(like ds1 did),I wouldn't be able to go in there.And if I'm a carrier(which I thought a lot of people were),does that increase baby's risk??

I think I got it back in 09 when DH was dealing with a lot of infections. I got boils under my arm. I'm not sure if my OB tested it or not,but I remember talking to him about it..I don't remember ever being treated for it.He told me to do warm compresses and I believe it was alcohol he told me to clean it with and not use the same razor..and they went away. I've had numerous cuts,scratches,3 tattoos and a piercing since issues.

Last week and last night,I got a little red pimple under my arm..kind of concerned about those!!I may mention them to my OB. They seem to go away the next day so not sure if it's anything to worry about.

OK,sorry for the novel..just wondering what others have to say.
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