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6 pockets left. Take the rest for $30

We are finished with cloth diapers and I am selling our entire stash. These are all one-size snap pockets. Please bear with me as there is a lot to list. From a no pet, no smoking house. Washed in Charlie’s, Arm & Hammer, and Rockin’ Green in their life. Prices are ppd, and please feel free to make offers on multiple purchases.

Rump-a-rooz – RaRs – The majority of my stash are Rumparooz. I have new ones and old ones. I have split them out by time period. NO INSERTS
G2s newer– These are the newest ones with the cloth wings not the G2s with the stretchy wings.
Root Beer –dingy gussets, elastic is a little loose, does not have the fabric backing sewn behind the tag, and a few pinpoint holes in the PUL high in the back. $6.00 ppd
Amethyst –Elastic is still okay, light staining, dingy gussets. $7.00 ppd

G2’s older – These are the first ones that came out with the stretchy lycra wings still. They have the fleece all the way on the inside of the wings though. Some of these may need elastic replaced soon. There are a number of WHAM’s here on diaperswappers that do this for cheap. I use Heather Sotto from She did a great job for me.
1 Powder – SOLD leg elastic is still good, internal gussets and back elastic are spent. Some light staining and dingy gussets. $6 ppd
1 Amethyst – elastic is spent and needs to be replaced. Some very light staining. $5 ppd

1 Pumpkin – elastic doesn’t have much life left. Some very light staining. $6 ppd
1 crimson - leg and internal gusset elastic still have a little life in them. Back elastic is spent. No staining. $6 ppd

Raspberry? - leg elastic is still good, but internal gussets and back elastic are spent. One very small very light stain. $6 ppd
Sunshine - #1 – SOLDelastic is still okay, some light staining and dingy gussets. $6 ppd #2 – SOLDleg elastic and back elastic is still okay, internal gussets are looser, no staining. $6 ppd

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