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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

We're in SoCal, and for a family of 4 eaters, we spend ~$80-100 a week. This feeds me, my husband (heavy eater), 4 and 2 year old (both who can eat as much as me!) and includes my protein powder (about $80/month). We manage to eat 50% organic (fruits/veggies), grass-fed beef, and organic chicken/eggs/dairy.

I menu plan and re-use leftovers. (ie, we have meatloaf, mashed cauliflower, mixed veggies on wednesday. leftovers are turned into shepherds pie. might need *some* extra veggies, but thats only $1-2). We load up on meats when on sale (WF had a sale recently where whole chickens (organic) were $1.99/lb. I bought 4). We shop in season, visit farmers markets weekly. I menu plan around the circulars.

We don't buy pre-packaged foods, juice (except for OJ with breakfast), sodas, etc. We rarely have pasta/grains. 2-3 nights a week are vegetarian. We have leftovers for lunch or dinner (if theres enough), sometimes I make breakfast for dinner (rarely though, its not one of my favorite meals to make).

Pretty much, if my family wants it, I make it from scratch. I make most of our bread, but not sandwich bread (sandwiches are rare though). i make cheeze-its, goldfish, challah/cinnamon bread/bagels/doughnuts/biscuits/rolls/etc.
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