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Re: Eeek! Was this asthma!?!?!

Originally Posted by MothyrGrimm View Post
Oh man I'm sorry mama that's so scary! Does it go away eventually or do you have to keep him on the shots/meds? Is he sick too?
He has a cold, but he was not sick at all until both times he woke up from a nap or at night with this awful gasping and wheezing. Breathing treatments always help him, but albuterol on its own is not enough. We're going to the ped. tomorrow to see if there's anything else I can do at home for this at least until I can get him to the hospital. The first time it happened during the day and I took him to urgent care and THEY called 911. The second time it was worse and happened at night. They haven't had him on any other breathing treatments. He did have RSV as an infant and was on breathing treatments for a week or so then.
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