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Re: Anyone with a child with an immunodeficiency disorder?

Originally Posted by Rainsong View Post
My 7 yo has iga deficiency and specific antibody deficiency. How old is your son?
He is 3. When did your son get diagnosed? How do you manage it?

Originally Posted by raymark View Post
My oldest 2 have eliptocytosis (think sickle cell anemia). When they become ill it is common for them to need blood transfusions. We don't shelter them & they have both always been very active children. They are 18 & 20 yrs old now. Thanks to medical science the spleens of these children are no longer removed & they always perk right up after receiving transfusions. They both understand the need to always be current with vaccinations, take their vitamins, eat healthy, avoid sleep deprivation, exercise, and see their doc at the first sign of any illness. Having eliptocytosis truly is not a big deal - at least our family has never fussed over it or made them feel broken, damaged, or different.
Thanks for sharing the other side of it. We are trying not to convey that DS2 is "damaged" but we do have to explain why he can't say, go to the inflatable bounce center (which he has in the past but he always picks up some kind of bug/cold from indoor play areas). I am sure we will always be gauging the risk and our comfort levels with certain activities.
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