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Re: Names?

Originally Posted by KatieB621 View Post
Ok....DH offered me a deal about the names. Since I absolutely hate Molly Anne for a girl name and it's just what he's stuck on, he said that he'd throw the name off of the table for this baby if I promised that if the next one is a girl (since we aren't done) that there wouldn't be any discussion about it and it WOULD be Molly Ann.

That could either work in my favor or bite me in the butt. What to do? Take the deal and risk certain death to any posibilities of a different name the next go around or continue to fight it out? Although....I really don't love ANY of the names on our somewhat girl list. Nothing is just slapping me in the face saying....YES....THAT IS IT!! KWIM?
Personally I wouldnt take it if you really dislike the name. But I tend to be difficult

I love Piper, so cute!
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