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Re: If you didn't go into labor on your own with #1, did you with #2?

Originally Posted by missydawn View Post
My water broke with ds1 but never went into labor until the started me on pitocin. Second baby came on her own all natural.
Same here!
DS my water broke at 40 +1 and I didn't go into labor. I was start on pitocin. The pain was horrible right away. I felt like I wanted to curl up in a ball and die. I had a failed epi so I felt everything from mid thigh up. (Thus why it was a failed epidural!)

DD was natural at 39 weeks. I would say I was only in "pain" for about 30 minutes at the end and it was not bad at all compared to the labor with pitocin. (I was still able to walk around and talk just fine 5 minutes before she popped out. It was mostly pressure like I had to pee really really bad and lower back ache with it. I kept waiting for the REAL PAIN like with my DS but it didn't happen.) DD's birth was awesome!

ETA: I was told if I didn't give birth in 24 hours with DS... I *HAD* to have a c-section. This was by a midwife at a hospital. That was 10 years and I was not very "educated" on childbirth. I was all alone and I did what they told me. I probably would have made a lot of the same choices but I would have at least tried walking around. I was not allowed to walk as I had to be on the monitor 100% of the time "because my water broke". I laid in that bed for 7 hours before they started pitocin! Pitocin is EVIL! (A necessary evil for some but evil because it HURTS ! )

We may have fooled around a little and I ate pineapple which is suppose to induce.
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