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Updated...with Kissaluv Marvels + Flips, Rearz left!

Things added...Thanks for looking mamas! I have Kissa covers, Flips covers, Rearz and a few ffs things. Please come in and look

I have 4 Flip covers in EUC: 1 each of clementine, ribbit, moonbeam and zinnia. I replaced the elastics on the moonbeam and ribbit, so I tried taking a picture, but really, the thread I chose is so close in color, you can't really tell. The clementine and zinnia elastics are looser then the ones I replaced, but still fine. The PUL and snaps are perfect! I used these with the Rearz for nighttime with my dAughter, but she's in underwear now! I would like $10ppd now $8 ppd each or $37ppd $30ppd for all 4.

I have two EUC Kissaluv Marvel OS covers, one in chocolate and one in golden glow. They are in great shape! I love these covers and the colors, but my newest LO is not so little and they barely fit him at 5 months (he only weighs 2-3 lbs less than my 2yo!). $9ppd each or both for $17ppd

Now I have the Rearz Eco cloth diaper kit: five fitteds and one cover, size L. The weight range on these are 26-40lbs, but the cover looks HUGE to me (totally swallowed my LO, so I used the flip covers over them!). The diapers worked great though, our nighttime solution until she night trained). The elastics are great. The laundry tabs were kinda worthless (which is the only negative thing about these) and are messy, as pictured. The only one with any staining is the purple and I'm pretty sure it will sun out, I just haven't tried. Would like to sell as a set for $40ppd $33ppd

Finally, I have three diapers that have worn PUL, so they leak. Otherwise they are in great condition. The two BGos are 2.0s and the FBos is an older version too (the old periwinkle color). I'll throw these in if you buy other things for .50 too. They make great swim diapers, I just already have enough for that!

Fine Print: All diapers are from a pet and smoke-free home. I most definitely give discounts for multiples! I'm mostly just looking for pp, but would consider trades for FBos in gender neutral or boy colors. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!

-------------------------------Sold below here----------------------------------------

I LOVE fleece for nighttime, but these are a little too girly for my son . So, I have 2 EUC wham-made fleece covers. They are both mediums (although one looks more like a s/m) and the argyle is pilly, as fleece gets, but the flower one from Wild Mountain Mommies is still soft. $6ppd $5ppd for each or both for $10ppd, now $8ppd!

The argyle is from Cloth Dreams and the flower-pattern is from Wild Mountain Mommies.

I also have two more fleece covers. The fuschia one is in VGUC and pretty soft still. It is made by Sarah's Stiches and a L. The flower one is in GUC, it's pretty pilly and the snaps don't make the "snap" sound even though they still hold. I'd like $5ppd $4ppd for the fuschia and $4ppd $3.50ppd for the flowered one. I'll take $6ppd for both!

SOLD First up, two Sustainablebabyish snapless-multi fitteds. I bought these for nighttime, but I NEED snaps These are in EUC and have both inserts with no stains and no holes. I'd like $16ppd each or both for $30ppd.

All SOLD or PENDING First up, my other favorites - xs FBs. I have 5 3 each of mint and grape. They are all in EUC with no stains, great snaps and elastics (update - I found 1 insert with slight EBF staining which should sun right out). Seriously, I loved these! But he quickly grew into the os ones (which are my usual go-to), so these have to go. $8 ppd now $7.50ppd each or $115ppd now $44 for remaining 6! All white SOLD

SOLD I don't have an Flip inserts but I do have 12 pre-folds. These are the green-edged infant size Green Mountain ones (they don't make this size anymore). They were the natural, unbleached ones but, you may notice in the picture, I sometimes bleach so there are differing shades in the dozen. They are in EUC besides that and are stain-free. I would like $22ppd (these are HEAVY to ship!) $20ppd.

SOLD First up, preemie Prowraps in VGUC. I did really like these the few days that we could use them I bought them on here and the mom didn't know how to fasten down the applix, so there is some pilliness (I tried to show the worst in the picture), but the elastic is in great shape and the PUL is awesome. I have 10 and would like $4ppd each or all 10 for $35 ppd.


]SOLDNext are the newborn Bummis super brites in VGUC. I have 3 blue, 2 green and 1 yellow. These have some pilliness, but they still look pretty good. The applix is sticky and elastic is tight. On one of the blue ones the PUL look weird (I tried to show it in the picture), but I don't think it affected function. I'll take $6ppd each or $32 ppd for all 6.

SOLD To go in those covers I have 24 preemie pre-folds. I'm not sure what brand these are, but they feel like 2x4x2 ply. I really like how these fit, even in the preemie pro-wraps. In fact, when I needed extra absorbency, I used these in the xs FB and they worked great! For a dozen, I'll take $20ppd and $35ppd for all 24.

SOLD Now, the xs Bumgenius AIOs. I have 9 of these: 4 Moonbeam, 2 ribbit, 1 grasshopper, 1 clementine, and 1 twilight. These and the xs FBs were my favorite, I really wish he could have worn them longer (I finally gave in and moved up a size when they started looking like a bikini bottom on him). They are mostly in EUC with only normal pilliness around the laundry tabs. The landing strips look new, except for the 3 I took pictures of, and those still work great. I'll take $8ppd each ($7.50ppd for the 3) or $65ppd for the lot.

SOLD I also have a lonely Charlie Banana OS microfiber insert. Not sure why I kept it, I'll throw it in for .50 with an order

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