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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

Oh, you might want to check with your doctor in case there is some thyroid imbalance. I gained 45 pounds with both babies. With the first baby, I was able to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. With the second baby I am 11 pounds away. I am not sure what is different on this one, but I am loosing the weight faster, although I am eating like crazy. It is recommended that when we are nursing we eat an extra 500 calories. So, for example, you take your weight in pounds and convert it to kilograms and multiply by 22. That will roughly be your daily calorie intake. So, for a 140 lbs woman, 140/2.2=63.63*22=1400 calories (there is 2.2 lbs in a kilogram). Adding 500 extra calories is 1900.

I will start with making a quick food diary for 1-3 days to see how your calorie intake is going.

I am also really thirsty all day long, but I remember that I read somewhere that's part of breastfeeding, you need to drink your fluids in order to ensure proper milk supply.

Last, you can safely start exercising. I have been doing running and cycling.
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