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Destash Sale - BGOS, Sbish, Fitteds, Wool

We are all done with cloth diapers. So, now I get to sell everything I've got!

I'm going to keep adding as I unpack totes so please keep checking. Also, I rarely have time to log onto DS anymore so please email me about any interes in my items at

Everything listed is in EUC and free of stains or odors. I wash in Charlie's.

My prices don't include shipping - I'm going to ask the buyer to pay actual shipping unless you purchase a whole big lot of stuff! Then I'll cover the shipping as a courtesy.

We don't smoke but do have two yorkies. No cats.

Take a look and email me with questions or interest! Thanks!!

20 BGOS Snap 4.0 No inserts $11 each

I don't know the BG names but heres a list of colors:
2 yellow (SOLD), 1 white (SOLD), 1 orange (SOLD), 2 orange print (SOLD), 3 light purple, 2 dark pink, 2 light pink (ONE SOLD), 1 aqua (SOLD), 1 multi print (SOLD), 1 light green (SOLD), 1 dark blue (SOLD), 2 blue print (SOLD), 1 red (SOLD)

I have cotton receiving blankets I will include as an insert if you would like - just let me know you want to include them.

1 light pink Fuzzy Bunz M $10

PUL Covers:
4 Flip OS Snap $11 each
1 dark blue (SOLD), 1 light blue, 1 dark pink, 1 light pink

2 Econo bum covers, OS snap $5 each
1 white, 1 green trim

1 light purple Thirsties velcro cover size Large $6

Microfiber Inserts - I'll add these in with the pocket diapers if you want, until they are gone

Hemp/Organic Cotton inserts:
1 Thirsties $4
8 Babykicks L $3 each
3 Babykicks M $3 each
1 Babykicks S $3
3 Babykicks premiums Separate (came apart in wash) $1
4 Unknown brand, hemp sherpa $3
1 Punkinbutt fleece topped doubler S $3

4 Fleece liners $2 for all

3 Thirsties Hemp prefold Size 2 $5 each (SOLD)
1 Hemp babies prefold size L $10
5 Flip Organic cotton $8 each

Prefolds & Flats:

8 GMC Yellows $12

7 Osocozy Organic Flats $15 for all

4 Unknown brand infant prefolds $4

1 Simplex Stay Dry OS $15 (SOLD)

1 MEOS w/ stay dry insert $13
1 Sandies organic L $10 (SOLD)
1 Blueberry Bamboo (crazy absorbant) OS $15
1 thirsties Size 2 $10

4 Snug to Fit OS $15 for all 4

4 Tiny tush Hemp OS (best fitted I've ever used) $15 each

Wet bag $5
I imse vimse swim top S $7
Eucalan wool wash -half of a bottle Eucalyptus $5 (SOLD)
Disana brand wool wash and conditioner - both used once $10 for the pair

1 Small Crotchet skirty (dont know measurements) $5

1 Loveybums Crepe L (Has lanolin spots on front) $15

1 Tiny Tush Night time pull on small hole in front(amazing!!) $10

1 Loveybums Lightweight purple $10

2 Disana pullon covers (awesome!!)$15 each (1 SOLD)

1 Loveybums thick night time cover L $15 (SOLD)

1 Babe Greens Side Snapping (awesome!) $10

Disana Leggings 2-3 years $30

1 Sbish Pink longies L $50

1 Sbigh Orange longies L $50

Wool Mittens $10

Ruskovilla shirt size 70 $10 (SOLD)
Rachel - Christian wife to Jesse, mommy to Junior and Anna
IHA/ISO: Disana, Engel, Ruskovilla - any European wool baby clothing!!!

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