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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Feb 15-28)

Originally Posted by JackieMarieVDV View Post
I have a question. I think I'm about 8 or 9 weeks right now (10 at the most). I never get severe nausea in pregnancy, but I get yuckiness, a gross taste in my mouth and food aversions. I have all this, totally normal, and a good sign. Not complaining at all. One thing I have noticed is that I need to eat like every 2 hours. Its terrible, I feel like I'm stuffing my mouth all day long. If I don't eat when I feel like it, I start to get really fidgety, dizzy and sometimes nauseous. I didn't have this with the baby I lost and don't remember if I had this with my son. Does this sound normal? I'm worried about gaining too much. I eat so much lately, I'm afraid to see the scale. I'm normally a tall and very slender person but I feel like I'm eating and gaining like crazy. I'm also showing more than I did with my son at 12 weeks (though this is my 3rd pregnancy, 2nd baby hopefully). I hope its because of the baby that I'm showing so much and not just because of food (its in the right spot for the start of a bump). ANyway... sorry about the book. I just need to know if you ladies think the constant need to stuff your face this early is normal.
Oy, yes. At least until about 3-4pm. My m/s didn't kick into full gear until mid-late afternoon, so the mornings were just moderate nausea - but I needed to eat every couple hours, at least!, to get through that. If I tried to stretch it past 2 hours the horrid m/s nausea kicked in right away.
what to say about the weight gain part. I did gain, but I always have gained a lot with all my pregnancies, so that's nothing new for me. Not fun, but not new either.

FTR, I didn't have this bad m/s with any of my boys, but did with DD & Elli... and did with Hiccup, but we won't know if that gender difference holds true for another 6 weeks or so!
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