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Originally Posted by mommadeeof4+
*More pics in replies*

Just thought id share some pics of my baby in her circo rb flats! She is almost 8 months old and about 17lbs. she was squirming so it isnt very neat but its an origami fold under an econobum cover which i am absolutely loving lately, the fit is great over any snappied flat or prefold and if its a rb flat the print shows through so pretty! she napped for 3 hours after nursing a TON and woke up very wet but no leaks at all whatsoever! these flats will last until she is potty trained they are nice and big!
So cute!! You've totally convinced me to go buy some Circo RBs. They may not be as absorbent as my Diaper Rite flats, but gosh, they're way cuter!
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