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Originally Posted by bluedaisyma
I use my magic bullet for that stuff, we use carrots and everything. Mine has the blender cup, though, I don't know if that makes a difference?

But my fav is vitamix. It is SO worth the money at Costco! Just don't lose it in a divorce like I did :/
Hmm. I used my Bullet again today and still had small pieces of spinach and apple peel. They are small but I can still pick them out and feel them in my mouth. My oldest son wont touch a green smoothie if he can see or feel the greens.

I've got two blades for it...the flat one and the other with four blades that stand. Which one do you use?

LOST your Vitamix in the that's crazy!

I saw that the Bullet makers now have a nutribullet. Supposed to work great for smoothies. Girl I know puts nuts & seeds in hers and it pulverizes them. Hmmm
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