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Originally Posted by Lisathena View Post
Thank you guys for your input....i just dont think the feeling will go away until birth. We cant afford another ultrasound and dont have any quicky places here. My mw was feeling around and she thinks def 1 just because i would have enough room and she would feel something. And i guess i am measuring right on now, it just sticks way out...or i feel it does.

i am sure its one...just hard letting the other one go i guess....i still have faith in God if he wants there to be one hiding there will be one...but if i KNEW there were 2 i couldnt have a homebirth in MT anyways...not sure if i would or not but...i like my options

Thanks again!
It's so hard mama. We went through a rough time and lost DD1s twin at 31 weeks. You probably will continue to have those feelings until baby comes out. I only grow straight out with my pregnancies and it's been very painful to endure all the twins comments about how I'm way too big for just 1 baby when I know that's all that's in there this time. Good luck!
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