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Re: Non-synthetic prenatal vitamins

Originally Posted by Zipfelmuetze View Post
I've only taken Garden of Life Raw prenatals from the get-go. 'Found no aversion to them, even during morning sickness. I take 3 throughout the day, spread out. They have some ginger in them which is supposed to help mitigate nausea. If one really can't seem to swallow them, then the option of opening the capsule exists. I mean, the powder could be mixed into a smoothie or something.

I personally didn't choose something like Rainbow light because it has Vit. A palmitate in it. From what I've researched, 100% Vit. A from beta-carotene is better. Apparently too much Vit. A palmitate causes defects. All of my milks and cereals seem to have 10% palmitate in them already, so I don't need more of that. Also, no Selenium? I realize overdosing on Selenium isn't good either but 50 to 80mg is good as an anti-cancer measure.
These are what I take too. I also take garden of life calcium, vitamin d and iron supplements.
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