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Re: TTC 30+ 2/22-3/22 makin' turkeys.

Originally Posted by tedcgh View Post
Ahhh. AF has not shown up and my IC's were stark white this morning. I really want to get this next month over with. We are back and forth with TTA this month. I am so over this back and forth game. Why must my uterus hate me.
AF days late for me this month. Yeah, what seemed like an extra week of pms; I think that was great for DD DP's been traveling quite a lot for work lately, which leaves me w/ full work days, nearly an hour each way in commute, the kid, the dog, the cats, and the addition to the work she does at home most nights besides hr FT job. Since there's not enough going on, we decided to do another fresh IVF cycle this time around, too. I started meds back up yesterday & have 6:30 am monitoring appts Wed & Fri. No problem, except that I forgot that DP is out of town chaperoning a school trip Thurs & Fri, so I have to get myself & DD out at the crack of dawn & then there will be the awkwardness of having her in the exam room while they do a transvag u/s
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