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Re: Another Gender Disappointment Thread

this is boy 4 for us as well. i cried for a few days after we found out. especially because at around 17 weeks, we had been told girl. i even bought her coming home outfit. ...


when we found out it was a boy, i felt like i had disappointed everyone, including DH. i felt like i had let him down, because evidently i am incapable of giving him a girl. he said he didn't care. i felt like "no one is going to be excited about this baby because it's JUST another boy... we already have three, who cares?"

as time gets closer, i am so excited. will be 31 weeks in a couple of days, and i can not WAIT to bring him home. i've ordered his home coming outfit, gotten some cute clothes for him, picked out his carseat, bed, etc. i am just meant to be a mama to boys. God probably knows that a girl would do me in, and lead me to a nut farm.
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