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Re: Boys and nail polish

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
I painted DS's nails until this past year. He is now 5 and has started public school. Before that, he was in a very small nursery school and I discussed it with his teachers. They shared the same views as me. One child said "Your nails are pink. Only girls have pink nails." My son put his hands on his hips and said, "Boys like bright colors too!"

But now, in a bigger, public school, where we don't know the teachers as well and where we have never seen some of the parents in his class, DH and I have decided to just let DS know that we will no longer be doing that.

I've told DS that "nail polish is usually for girls, and some people might say mean things to you." He didn't ask again.

But he's big into My Little Ponies. He found a My Little Ponies shirt that had sparkles and pink on it. He asked DH for it and said "I'll just wear it at home, Daddy, not at school." It makes me sad that some kids would tease him for liking a cartoon, and that he knows he can't wear it outside the house, but I would feel sadder if he came home crying over a child bullying him about wearing a "girl's" shirt.
I'm glad I'm not the only one with these worries. Sad. my ds lives my little pony too. But apparently its an acceptable thing for boys and even kind of cool? my dhs 14yo cousin was telling me about "bronies" and was wearing a guyish mlp hoodie.
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