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Re: Carrier Clueless - good place to start?

Well, some daddies feel most comfortable with soft structured carriers because they have buckles and straps and so are perceived to be more "manly" than ring slings and wraps.
Ergos are a type of soft structured carrier, they are pretty popular and easy to find. We have one and my husband uses it a lot. There are lots of other brands of SSCs to consider as well: Boba, Beco, Angelpack, Kinderpack, Action Baby Carrier, etc...

Another carrier to consider would be a mei tai. A mei tai is sort of similar to a SSC, only it doesn't have buckles; you tie the straps instead. Since the straps don't have to be adjusted for each user, it's easier for going back and forth between differently-sized users. It looks enough like a SSC that your husband might be okay with it. Plus, you have a little bit more flexibility as far as carries go (Kozy Carrier's website shows the different carries: Babyhawk is another popular brand of mei tai.
Hope this helps!
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